About us

For over 30 years, "The Riggiola" has been dealing with the recovery and sale of antique floors.
Everything started on our father Liberato's passion for antique flooring: over the years He has collected and preserved different designs and brands and created a huge collection jealously guarded; In addition to his private collection, our father had the intuition to collect whole floors involving in this passionate activity the entire family creating a cultural business. In addition to his private collection our father had the intuition to collect whole floors in this passion involving the entire family that has managed to create a business culture. Over the years we have been restored with great care and passion thousands of tiles and brought to the attention of our customers not only the recurring motifs and decorations in different eras but also the history, processing techniques and brands of the most famous Neapolitan factories. Due to our company these memories of the past came back to shine by painting the floors, kitchens, bathrooms and in some cases even the ceiling of prestigious homes, hotels and restaurants. Over the years in addition to the appreciation of old terracotta tiled floors and we have been devoting to the recovery of ancient materials such as pots and garden furniture, terracotta statues, doors, elements iron and cast iron urns and much more. For this reason, we can not only guarantee the authenticity of the products but also add a technical and historical knowledge relative to each floor.